Admission Procedure

    • To be admitted into L.K.G, a girl/boy must have completed 3 years on 1st January of the current year.
    • The final decision with regard to admission rests with the principal. The school authorities reserve the right to refuse admission without assigning any reason.
    • The date of birth of a pupil, as recorded in the admission register cannot be changed. Parents are advised to give the correct date of birth of the child, at the time of admission.
    • No pupil from another school will be admitted without transfer certificate. She/he should appear for an entrance test. A pupil coming from another state should get the T.C countersigned by the Department of Education.
    • Pupils leaving the school after 31st May, must give a month’s notice or three months ‘fee in lieu thereof.
    • Application for the Transfer Certificate shall be made in writing to the Principal by the parent or guardian of the pupil. Rs. 100/- will be charged for the issue of a transfer certificate.